Session I: Welcome and Introductions

Chair: Dr. Donald Bruce

Session II: Historical Development of Micropiles and Retrospectives on Past IWMs

Chair: Prof. Roger Frank, Secretary: Masao Sagara

Session III: Recent Case Histories on Structural Support and Seismic Applications (1)

Chairs: Horst Aschenbroich, Secretary: Paul Woodfield

Session IV: Recent Case Histories on Structural Support and Seismic Applications (2)

Chair: Robert Traylor, Secretary: Paul Woodfield

Session V: In Situ Reinforcement and Networks Design, Construction and Case Histories

Chair: James Mason, Secretary: Prof. Isam Shahrour

Session VI: Detailed Seismic Design and Performance Issues

Chair: Prof. Illan Juan, Secretary: Prof. Fusanori Mirua

Session VII: Codes, Standards and Guidelines

Chair: Dr. Thomas Herbst, Secretary: Allen Cadden

Session VIII: Workshop

Chair: Prof. Ilan Juran , Secretary: Gary Weinstein

Session IX: Research Programs

Session X: Review of the Workshop and Discussion of Future Directions

Chair: Tom Armour, Secretary Scot Litke

Closing (Dr. Donald Bruce)
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