About DFI Europe

Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) is an international association of contractors, engineers, manufacturers, suppliers, academics and owners in the deep foundations industry. Our multidisciplinary membership creates a consensus voice and a common vision for continual improvement in the planning, design and construction of deep foundations and excavations. We bring together members through networking, education, communication and collaboration.

DFI Europe was established in 2005 as a Regional Chapter for European DFI Members, who enjoy the benefits of joint DFI and DFI Europe membership.

The "idea" began years earlier when DFI conferences were held in Europe, starting in 1987 in Luxembourg and continuing into the 2000s jointly with EFFC (European Federation of Foundation Contractors). The European Conference in Amsterdam in 2006, combined with the first General Meeting, was an important milestone.

The mission of DFI Europe is to provide additional value and benefits of DFI membership locally as well as increase DFI's international presence while expanding the network of suppliers, contractors, academics, consultants, clients and all others in the deep foundations industry. Many of the founders remain active in DFI on both sides of the Atlantic.

Since 2005, DFI Europe has hosted several conferences and workshops, formed technical committees, developed a multi-language glossary, and developed the Carbon Calculator (www.geotechnicalcarboncalculator.com) in cooperation with EFFC.

Read "The First Decade — What an Achievement" by DFI Europe President Frank Haehnig.

DFI Europe Board Members

Frank HaehnigPresidentBauer Spezialtiefbau, Germany
Sikko DoornbosPast presidentTerracon International, the Netherlands
Maurice BottiauTreasurerFranki Foundations, Belgium
Tony ButcherCorrespondingBRE, UK
Jorge Capitao-Mor Geo-Ground Engineering Operations, UK
Miika Eskelinen Junttan, Finland
Asim Gaba Arup, UK
Franz-Werner Gerressen Bauer Maschinen, Germany
Massimo Grisolia Universita di Roma, Italy
Rolf Katzenbach University of Darmstadt, Germany
Pieter-Arie Kraaijeveld Volker Staal en Funderingen bv, the Netherlands
William van ImpeCorrespondingEmeritus Professor Geotechnics,
University of Ghent, Belgium
Vincent Joannes IHC IQIP France, France
Adriaan van Seters Fugro GeoServices bv, the Netherlands
Monika de VosSecretaryBelgian Building Research Institute, Belgium

Mission Statement

  1. DFI Europe is open to all professional corporations and persons, involved in design and construction of foundations, they being academics, consultants, engineers, contractors, equipment manufacturers, material suppliers, public authorities or researchers.
  2. The objective of the European Chapter of the Deep Foundations Institute is to provide a forum for these corporations and individuals in Europe, to improve the planning, design, construction and testing of deep foundations including deep excavations.
  3. The association will work at eliminating the barriers between the different professions in the field of deep foundations and at improving the understanding and sharing of knowledge and experience.
  4. More precisely, the association endeavours to achieve its objectives by
    1. gathering, disseminating and cataloguing existing information among members primarily but also outside the institute;
    2. influencing the improvement and extension of the knowledge of new ideas and practices of geotechnical and geo-environmental design, construction and testing;
    3. participating and encouraging practical application of research in the field of deep foundations;
    4. organizing short courses and training dedicated to the upgrade of the knowledge and competence in the field of deep foundations;
    5. producing written material such as guidelines and manuals gathering the State-of-the-Art of deep foundations practice.
  5. The association will establish contacts with existing organizations working on related goals, such as the EFFC and the ISSMGE and its national chapters.
  6. The association will participate in or conduct events such as local and international conferences and other activities as will best promote the foregoing purposes, and all other related matters thereto.