Soil Mixing Committee

David Miller, P.E., Chair

This committee of designers, contractors, researchers, equipment suppliers and owners are involved in the support, use, and understanding and application of soil mixing technology.
Recent News
1/2/2018 Read an update on ongoing and completed projects for all DFI technical committees and working groups.
10/3/2016 The Committee's Soil Mixing Guidelines provide an overview of the state of practice of Deep Mixing Methods (DMM) in North America as well as a guide specification for deep mixing work. Click for information or to order.
5/1/2014 The committee received funding from the DFI Committee Project Fund for a study to define relationships between strength and deformation properties of soil-cement mixtures. Read more.
1/3/2014 FHWA recently published a user-oriented deep mixing guideline for planning, designing, constructing, and monitoring deep mixing projects for embankment and foundation support. Click the green button for more info.
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