Tunneling and Underground Committee

James A. Morrison, PE, CoChair
David Klug, CoChair

The purpose of this committee is to identify and facilitate the advancement of new methods and technologies for design, construction, inspection, maintenance and operation of tunnels and underground systems. The committee will foster technology transfer among the owners, stakeholders, designers, contractors, and material suppliers involved in the use and construction of tunnels and underground structures. Collaboration will also be fostered with the academic community, equipment suppliers, and major tunnel contractors and owners to address research needs and knowledge gaps. It will also promote the education and training of students at the graduate and undergraduate levels, fostering and developing emerging industry leaders in this field of practice. Examples of technical focus areas for the committee include: conventional and mechanized excavation methods, design practices for tunnel liners, the use of new materials in construction, waterproofing and water control systems, contracting methods, and the allocation of risk and construction practices.
Recent News
6/1/2019 Read the latest committee report in the Technical Activities Update in the May/June 2019 issue of Deep Foundations.
5/1/2019 The Tunneling and Underground Committee has formed eight technical groups to address specific areas of interest associated with the tunnel industry. Read the news release for details.
6/4/2018 Take a look at the Tunneling and Underground Committee brochure promoting membership in the committee and in DFI. Be sure to share with interested colleagues.