Workshop on Design and Performance of Deep Foundations under Liquefied Soil Conditions

December 2016
IIT Madras
Chennai, India
Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) of India held this workshop on on the eve of the Indian Geotechnical Conference, IGC 2016, with the theme ‘Geotechnology Towards Global Standards’ on 15-17 December 2016. The three-day conference was organised by the Chennai Chapter of Indian Geotechnical Society, IIT Madras, and College of Engineering Guindy of Anna University and the workshop by DFI. The workshop was designed as two sessions. The morning session was on ‘Design and performance of deep foundation under liquefied soil conditions’ and the post lunch session was on ‘Experiences in the design and execution of deep excavation.' The workshop covered the following issues: The external loads induced by liquefaction; the design models; degraded geotechnical parameters; performance studies; practical application of the models; groundlaboratory investigations for geotechnical parameters; code provisions and modications; case histories; design and execution of deep excavation in soft ground; construction and monitoring; and excavations in urban environments.