WiDF and ASCE GI Pittsburgh Dinner Meeting Lecture

March 23, 2017
Engineers Society of Western Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, PA
Attendees learned how to enhance employees’ communication skills for efficiency, integrity, and achievement at all levels of an organization!

The value of noticing gender differences in communication is critically important to stemming the tide of women leaving the geotechnical and foundations industry. Long seen as soft skills, the cost of poor communication inevitably results in increased employee turnover, poor customer service, ineffective change management, failed project delivery and high litigation costs. We invite men and women to join us in an important discussion on improving communication to expand women’s mobility in the workplace and cultivate integrity and achievement in all facets of an organization…especially the bottom line.Presented by Nancy Watt, a communications professional, writer, trainer, speaker and a graduate of Second City Comedy Improv Conservatory in Toronto. She regularly conducts dynamic and experiential learning workshops for industry, healthcare and education using the tools and techniques of improv.