DFI Events

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April 10, 2015
West Haven, CT
DFI-CSCE Annual Spring Workshop: Subsurface Explorations and Field Testing - Current Practice
April 25, 2015
Bhubaneswar, India
Workshop on Pile Foundations: Advances in Design and Construction Practices
May 6-8, 2015
Kissimmee, FL
SuperPile 2015
June 2-5, 2015
San Francisco, CA
Deep Mixing 2015
June 23-25, 2015
Sao Paulo, Brazil
SEFE8 - 8th Seminar of Special Foundations and Geotechnical Engineering
July 16, 2015
Chicago, IL
Thomas Wysockey Civil Engineering Scholarship Fundraising Dinner
July 20, 2015
Pittsburgh, PA
DFI Educational Trust Golf Outing
August 2015
Norfolk, VA
Marine Foundations Specialty Seminar
August 2015
Los Angeles, CA
Seismic and Lateral Loads Specialty Seminar
August 2015
Hillsborough, NJ
ACE-DFI Educational Trust Golf Outing
September 10, 2015
Newark, NJ
Helical Piles & Tieback Seminar: Helical Piles for Disaster Relief
October 12-15, 2015
Oakland, CA
40th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations
October 19, 2015
Pleasanton, CA
DFI Educational Trust Annual Golf Outing Fundraiser