The search bar above allows you to search for keywords within the Corporate Members database. You may enter one or more keywords, separated by one space, in the search text box above. You can then press the Enter key or click on the "GO" button to initiate a search.

Normally the search engine will only return database entries that contain a match for ALL of the keywords entered. The keyword may appear anywhere within the database entry, and case is not significant. So entering the keyword ab will match on words like absolute and taxicab and fabricate.

For the Corporate Members database, the search engine will look in the ORGANIZATION, MEMBER NAME and SERVICES fields for matches. When searching through the Corporate Members database it is sometimes useful to be able to search for names that begin with a sequence of letters. For example, companies that begin with American. Any keyword that ends with an asterisk will match this way in the Corporate Members database. So to find companies like the example above, use the keyword American*. The keyword A* finds all companies that begin with A, etc. When you use this kind of "begins with" keyword in the Corporate Members database it will only be matched against the ORGANIZATION and LAST NAME.

To list ALL Corporate Members, use only an asterisk as the keyword.