112 FM 153
Smithville TX 78957 USA
        FAX Telephone    
www.spiradrill.net +1 (512) 237-4143 +1 (512) 237-4140

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Scott McNeill Sales Manager +1 (512) 237-4140
Paul Solis Sales +1 (512) 237-4140

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
Spiradrill, Inc. is a manufacturer of hydraulic foundation drilling equipment servicing the utility, oilfield, construction, and signal and lighting industries both domestically and internationally. Spiradrill is a family owned business that has proven continued growth over the past 35 years with its 140,000 square-foot facility headquartered in Smithville, TX. Our current product offerings include the "LHD", "MHD", "SMHD","XL" and "STUD" series with each model designed to ensure efficiency and scalability while providing high quality and affordability. We also offer service to include repairs and maintenance of Spiradrill units, equipment financing and support, and equipment rentals and leasing.