PO Box - 10662, 7A- Binsulaim Commercial Complex
Eastern Province  10662 SAUDI ARABIA
        FAX Telephone +966133610031

DFI Corporate Representatives:
Linad K. Shamsudeen Executive Manager +966507938391
Mohammed Rasheed Younus Kutty Operations Manager +966504268508

Services, Materials and/or Equipment offered:
Specialized in geotechnical engineering, having wide range of expertise in geotechnical activities like, Drilling, Micropiling, Stabilization of Ground , Pressure grouting, Improvement of soil, Shotcreting and Repairing of concrete. We are dedicated with the latest technologies in Micropiling with compact machines its begins from  weight of 350 kilograms can access any congested locations those bigger piling cant' possible. This method is using for upgrading existing structures, new constructions in congested locations, best alternative for sheet piles that in condition of limited space and less vibration. mostly utilized in Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Refineries in the purpose of Revamp, De-bottlenecking projects as well as commercial building that undergoing in structural settlement or need to upgrade the load. We do;Appraisal, Designing, execution and testing of piles. Our activities are; Ground stabilization, Scour protection, Sinkhole remediation, Ground strengthening, Open hole piling, Secant Wall Piling, Concrete Coring, Micro Piling or Mini piling, Soil Nailing, Concrete repair, Shotcreting, Underpinning, Earth Retention, Rock Drilling, Anchoring, Settlement Reduction, Slope Stabilization, Pressure Grouting, Void Filling, Ground Improvement. Reach us on or Visit on