Publication Abstract

DFI Journal: Vol I November 2007, (DFI)

Rapid Lateral Load Testing of Deep Foundations
Dan A. Brown

This paper describes a method of conducting rapid lateral loading tests of deep foundations in which the load is applied to the foundation with a time duration of less than one second. For purposes of this paper the loading is applied using a pyrotechnic loading system commonly referred to as Statnamic. However, the method should apply to any lateral loading system which produces a force time history with a loading duration of 20 msec to 1 second. The test provides a measure of the dynamic and static response of the soil/foundation system and must be evaluated as a dynamic loading. Interpretation of the test includes a simple single degree of freedom (SDOF) model which can account for the inertial effects of foundation mass, system damping, and static foundation stiffness. The results of the test measurements are compared with four case histories in which comparative static load test data are available, including pile group foundations and large diameter drilled shaft foundations.

 article #1542; publication #1000 (DFIJ-I)