Publication Abstract

DFI Journal: Vol II November 2008, (DFI)

Increase in Shear Modulus by Soil Mix and Jet Grout Methods
Paul J. Axtell; Timothy D. Stark

The results of in-situ geophysical cross-hole tests on improved soil by soil mixing (SM) and jet grouting (JG) are described. This testing was conducted on soil improved by SM and JG columns constructed in the downstream free-field of Tuttle Creek Dam near Manhattan, Kansas as part of the seismic retrofit. Results of similar geophysical testing performed on untreated soil in the vicinity of the Downstream Test Program (DTP) area, as well as beneath the embankment at several locations, are also described and used for comparison purposes. In-situ shear moduli are also compared with those determined in laboratory resonant column tests. The increase in stress wave velocities and associated shear moduli by SM and JG treatment are presented for use in liquefaction potential and seismic deformation analyses of SM or JG treated soil. This data is required to determine the decrease in liquefaction potential and earthquake-induced permanent deformations due to SM or JG with respect to that of untreated soil.

 article #1544; publication #1001 (DFIJ-II)