Publication Abstract

DFI/NCSU/ASCE Seminar, "Design and Construction Options for Heavy Load Bearing Foundations, 1988, Raleigh, NC", (DFI)

Analysis of Load Tests of Drilled Shafts for Support of Overhead Signs
Roy H. Borden; Associated Professor, Dept. of Civil Eng., North Carolina State University

LTBASE: Load-Deflection Analysis, Lateral Loads, Drilled Shafts, Foundations, Computer Models, & Load Tests Subgrade Reaction Analysis: Base Resistance Model & Significance Influence of Sloping Ground Surface: Ultimate Resistance in Cohesionless Soils, Formulation of the Ultimate Resistance, & Significance of Ground Slope Angle Field Load Tests: Cohesionless & Residual Soil Sites, Geotechnical Investigations, Loading Scheme & Instrumentation, & Load Test Results Predicted Load-Deflection Response: External Load Tests

 article #2; publication #33 (NC-1988)