Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the Deep Mixing 2015 Conference, (DFI)

Geotechnical Design and Performance of Road and Railway Viaducts Supported on DSM Columns - A Summary of Practice
Michal Topolnicki, Keller Polska, Poland

Discussed is the use of wet Deep Soil Mixing, generally executed with single mixing tools 0.8 to 1.6m in diameter, employed in the foundation of viaduct supports. The applications involve economical patterns of ground improvement, covering in average about 40% of the foundation area or less, which contribute to the competitiveness of DSM solutions when compared to traditional piling. The focus is on selected aspects of the geotechnical design, applicable for geo-composite systems in which the interaction between the stabilised and the native soil should also be considered. Evaluation of settlement can be carried out with simplified methods, accounting for punching effects, or with more advanced FE models in case foundation tilt or differential settlements become important. Potential bending of DSM columns should be considered when evaluating column stresses, especially when dealing with deep deposits of soft soil and/or foundations loaded with overturning moments and/or high horizontal forces. Statistical evaluation of UCS data using lognormal distribution is recommended, and a new classification system for DSM ap-plication is proposed. Field investigations and monitoring data from completed projects are also presented.

 article #2035; publication #1013 (DM-2015)