Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the Deep Mixing 2015 Conference, (DFI)

Application of Large-Scale and Rapid Construction of Light-Weight Stabilized Soil with Air Foam for Deep Water Zone to Stabilize Existing Quay Wall
Yosuke Tanaka, Toa Corporation Research and Development Center, Japan; Yoshio Mitarai, Toa Corporation Research and Development Center, Japan; Takeshi Nagatome, Toa Corporation Tokyo Branch, Japan

This paper describes an application of lightweight soil in a deep water area to stabilize an existing quay wall at the Port of Tokyo. Super Geo Material, abbreviated SGM, is a type of lightweight soil, which consists of dredged cohesive soil, cement and air foam, and is applied in coastal development work, such as port and airport construction. This paper reports a SGM construction project at the Port of Tokyo by using a SGM special plant vessel, which was deployed for the Tokyo International Airport (TIA) Expansion Project in order to achieve large-scale and rapid construction. The key issue in SGM construction is quality control. One key quality issue is control of the mix proportion of SGM in consideration of volumetric changes due to air foam-breaking during pumping and air foam shrinkage due to water pressure when SGM is placed in deep water. A smart technique for placing SGM is also necessary to prevent quality deterioration when SGM is placed in deep water, for example, increased bulk density and decreased shear strength due to water absorption. This paper introduces an actual case of SGM construction with a particular focus on quality control of SGM during construction.

 article #2042; publication #1013 (DM-2015)