Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the Deep Mixing 2015 Conference, (DFI)

Construction of Long Deep Mixing Columns by Low-Height Rig
Toshiro Hara, JAFEC, CDM Association, Japan; Kengo Yamamoto, RINKAI Construction, CDM Association, Japan; Shigenori Horikawa, RINKAI Construction, CDM Association, Japan; Nobutaka Tanaka, JAFEC USA, Japan

The CDM-LODIC method(Low Displacement and Control method), a modified the CDM(Cement Deep Mixing) method, reduces the ground displacement through the removal of in-situ soil equivalent to the amount of slurry injection using the continuous auger flight attached on the shaft above the conventional the CDM mixing tool. The reduction of ground displacement minimizes the impact on adjacent buildings and other infrastructures. Since the development of the CDM-LODIC in 1985, this method has been used for more than 900 projects with total volume of improved soils exceeding 5.3 million yd3 (7 million m3). The ground displacement that could be caused by deep soil mixing is controlled by balancing the volume of discharged soil and the volume of slurry injected for soil mixing. This paper presents the ground improvement work for the Sanriku Coast Expressway Project using the CDM-LODIC method to 1) control the ground displacement during ground improvement to minimize the impact to existing buildings and facilities and 2) utilize low height CDM-LODIC equipment to avoid potential damage to critical facilities in the vicinity of ground improvement area and avoid interference on the normal operation of the Ishinomaki Red Cross Hospital.

 article #2055; publication #1013 (DM-2015)