Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the Deep Mixing 2015 Conference, (DFI)

Assessment of Strength and Other Mechanical Properties of the Deep Mixing Material
Fabien Szymkiewicz, University Paris-Est, France; Antoine Guimond-Barrett, SNCF, France; J. Paredes Marino, University Paris-Est, France; Alain Le Kouby, University Paris-Est, France; Philippe Reiffsteck, University Paris-Est, France

Because of its economical as well as its sustainable advantages, this deep mixing method, so far confined to the improvement of compressible or high organic content soils has become an attractive alternative to traditional methods for soil reinforcement, retaining walls (temporary or final), foundations and cutoff walls. But these new applications imply new requirements on the method as well as on the material. While numerous researches on the hardened material have been carried out, no widely applicable formula or nomograms are available yet, mainly due to the lack of international standard and practice, and because they often focuses on a particular soil. This paper deals with the mechanical behavior of the Deep Mixing material. It presents an extensive laboratory experimental program carried out to determine the influence of the different constituents of the Deep Mixing material on its mechanical properties evolution, for any given soil. The analysis is conducted to study the influence of soil nature, water and cement contents on Deep Mixing strength, deformability and workability. Relations and nomograms linking those parameters are proposed, making the results presented directly usable for design methods and on site applications.

 article #2087; publication #1013 (DM-2015)