Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the Deep Mixing 2015 Conference, (DFI)

Securing of In-Situ Cement Mixing Quality for the Expansive Soil with the 'Montmorillonite' Inclusion
Mitsuo Nozu, Fudo Tetra Corporation, Japan; Masaru Sakakibara, Fudo Construction Inc., United States; Ngo Tuan Anh, Fudo Tetra Corporation, Japan

In the southern region of Vietnam and the southern United States, numbers of Deep Mixing (DM) columns have been installed to increase the stability of slopes and mitigate ground settlement. However, in some cases, there were some quality problems for in-situ cement mixing such as inclusion of unmixed lumps. According to the investigations by the X-ray diffraction analyses, electrical conductivity (EC) test, and careful observations of in-situ mixing quality, it has been observed that the existence of expansive soil and its high EC value cause the insufficient in-situ mixing. The countermeasures to address these problems have been taken.

 article #2105; publication #1013 (DM-2015)