Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the Deep Mixing 2015 Conference, (DFI)

Application of the Cement Deep Mixing Method for Shallow Water Areas Using CDM-FLOAT Technique
Hirofumi Taguchi, TOA Corporation, Japan; Takeo Asanuma, TOA Corporation, Japan; Yosuke Tanaka, TOA Corporation, Japan; Yasuhiro Ootsuka, TOA Corporation, Japan; Sachihiko Tokunaga, TOA Corporation, Japan

The Cement Deep Mixing Method (CDM Method) is a ground improving method that has been used for mainly offshore sites to strengthen the soft ground below the sea bottom by injecting and adequately mixing cement slurry with soft soil into the ground to form a ground-improving column. In recent years, the CDM Method has increasingly been adopted for ground- improving work as part of liquefaction countermeasures and earthquake-resistant reinforcement in the shallow waters of river mouths and inland waters. In consequence of that, a pontoon-mounted CDM Method (CDM- FLOAT Method) has been developed for shallow waters, which is equipped with a land-type mixing machine combined with system management equipment and a tide level-based control function. This CDM-FLOAT Method can be deployed at work sites where the conventional offshore-use CDM barge cannot be employed. This report describes the CDM-FLOAT Method and the scope of applications together with construction work procedures, and a representative case of use of the CDM-FLOAT Method is introduced as an example of earthquake-resistant reinforcement of the existing embankment of a canal.

 article #2116; publication #1013 (DM-2015)