Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the Deep Mixing 2015 Conference, (DFI)

Deep Soil Mixing Trials at Porto Alegre Airport, Brazil
A. Ortig„o, Terratek, Brazil; E. Falk, Keller, Germany; M. Felix, Keller, Brazil; T. Koehler, Keller, Brazil

Ground improvement techniques such as vibro-replacement or deep soil mixing are fairly young products in the Brazilian geotechnical market. Soft soils in this country are deep, very soft, have low sensitivity and are challenging. In general, ground improvement techniques are increasingly selected as more cost-efficient and flexible solutions on infrastructure projects compared to the conventional technologies such as piled embankments, wickdrains with surcharge or jet-grouting. The geotechnical challenge expansion project for the Porto Alegre Airport, South Brazil, involved a taxiway area of five ha of 8 to 10 m of soft clay deposit. The deep soil mixing (DSM) technique was selected as a cost-effective solution to reduce settlements. As part of the design, an extensive soil investigation programme including laboratory and field trials was carried out to define the most economical slurry-recipe, DSM installation patterns and quality control specs. This paper gives details of the field and laboratory trials and present results.

 article #2121; publication #1013 (DM-2015)