Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2015, Oakland, CA, USA, (DFI)

Effect of Axial Compression on Lateral Pile Response: Laterally Loaded Test Pile Comparison
David S. Graham, P.E., and Paul J. Axtell, P.E., D.GE, Dan Brown and Associates, PC Michael K. Muchard and Joseph D. Bailey, Applied Foundation Testing, Inc.

Two instrumented test piles were simultaneously subjected to a static lateral load test by jacking the piles apart. One of the piles was loaded in axial compression via kentledge during the lateral load test. Both piles were constructed in an identical manner. These piles were constructed and tested as part of a construction-phase load test program for a floodwall improvement project along the Missouri River in Kansas City, Kansas. Details of the subsurface conditions, drilled pile construction, instrumentation, and load testing procedures are described. Data collected during testing of the piles are presented and compared. Potential effects of the axial compressive load related to observed differences in pile lateral response are discussed.

 article #2134; publication #1014 (AM-2015)