Publication Abstract

Proceedings-DFI-India 2016: 6th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India, (DFI)

An Unique Formula for the Stone-Column Group Efficiency
Abhijit Saha, Irrigation & Waterways Department, Government of West Bengal, India

The stone columns improve the performance of foundations on soft and loose soil due to the ability of composite ground to sustain increased structural loads under reduced settlements. The interaction between the two basic elements: the ambient subsoil and installed column, present a complexity of behaviour, both in terms of applied stresses and resulting strains. Moreover, as the same is provided in-group in a regular array beneath foundations, the performance of an individual column is likely to be influenced by the presence of neighbouring columns. The present paper addresses this very issue. Analysis of reported field hydro-test data of large diameter oil storage tanks in soft ground in reference to some existing theories led to the development of the stone-column ‘group efficiency factor’. In order that such factor is of general use, it was felt necessary to examine the applicability of the factor to different sizes of groups under varied subsoil conditions. With this in view, some model test results reported in literature of single and group of columns have been analysed and in the process an explicit relationship regarding the stone-column ‘groupeffect’ could be established.

 article #2202; publication #1020 (INDIA-2016)