Publication Abstract

Proceedings-DFI-India 2016: 6th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India, (DFI)

Mobilized Shear Strength on the Failure Surface of 2d Belled Anchor Model Piles under Uplift in Cohesionless Soil
Tanaya Deb, and Sujit Kumar Pal, Civil Engg. Dept., NIT Agartala, India

In belled anchor pile, uplift is influenced by embedment ratio, diameter ratio; so, contributions of these parameters on failure surface influence uplift capacity. Balla (1961) first introduced non-linear failure surface in the pattern of circular arc based on Kotter’s equation (1903) and soil friction was assumed to act on slip surface. The predictive mathematical models established by Matsuo (1967), Rao and Kumar (1987), Chattopadhyay and Pise (1986), Saeedy (1987), and Ghaly and Hanna (1994); it was reported that net ultimate uplift capacity was combination of bulk weight of failure wedge and shear resistance along slip surface acting in opposite direction of wedge movement. From the literatures available till date, it reveals that the contribution of mobilised shear and weight of breakout wedge separately, demanding for more clarification depending on the on parameters, like embedment ratio, diameter ratio.

 article #2223; publication #1020 (INDIA-2016)