Publication Abstract

Proceedings-DFI-India 2016: 6th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India, (DFI)

Dynamic Response of Short Piles under Lateral Transient Load
Indrajit Chowdhury, Rituparna Dey, and Ambarish Ghosh, IIEST, Howrah, India

In port and harbor facilities, jetties and cargo berth terminals are usually installed on piles that remain partially embedded in soil, while a part of it behaves as columns supporting top deck. Technology in vogue adapts a pseudo static analysis in computer where the top deck including piles are analyzed as an integrated system based on finite element method when the piles are modeled as beam elements, while the soil in which it is embedded is modeled as linear or nonlinear springs. Typical berthing force of the ship is considered as a pseudo static force where the dynamic characteristics of the force is taken into consideration by an equivalent impact factor and little study exists on the actual behavior of these type of piles under the transient shock due to berthing impact. Present paper proposes an analytical solution based on which one can compute the dynamic response of such jetty piles considering shear modulus of soil constant with depth. Considering the solution is analytical in nature no special software is needed and can well be adapted for design office practice using generic utility software like MATHCAD, MATLAB etc. that makes the proposed model computationally very efficient.

 article #2229; publication #1020 (INDIA-2016)