Publication Abstract

DFI-PFSF Piled Foundations & Ground Improvement Technology for the Modern Building and Infrastructure Sector, (DFI and PFSF)

Artificial Ground Freezing A Typical Application for the Underpass of an Existing Metro Station in Rome
Bruno Vingiani and Alessandro Bertero

The use of Artificial Ground Freezing (AGF) for temporary soil strengthening and seepage control is an effective alternative to grouting when dealing with soils whose degree of finesses would imply the use of highly expensive chemical grouts. However, compared to grouting, the application of this improvement technique usually needs a more accurate preliminary soil investigation campaign and a design assisted by specific calculation software. Besides a general description of the main features of this technique, the paper will describe a recent application of AGF carried out in Rome to underpass an existing metro station.

 article #2593; publication #1032 (IC-2017)