Publication Abstract

DFI-PFSF Piled Foundations & Ground Improvement Technology for the Modern Building and Infrastructure Sector, (DFI and PFSF)

Determination of Basal Heave Stability for Strutted Excavations Supported with Jet Grout Base Slab
Anthony T. C. Goh, Assoc. Prof.

For deep excavations in soft clay, it is common to use jet grouting piles (JGP) prior to excavation to minimize wall deflections and ground settlement, and to prevent basal heave instability. In this paper, finite element analyses were carried out to assess the basal heave factor of safety for excavations in soft clay supported by JGP. Comparison of the factor of safety from the finite element analyses with limit equilibrium methods was then performed. Subsequently, to account for the uncertainties in the soil and JGP properties, a simplified reliability analysis procedure is proposed to estimate the probability of basal heave failure for deep excavations supported by JGP.

 article #2598; publication #1032 (IC-2017)