Publication Abstract

DFI-PFSF Piled Foundations & Ground Improvement Technology for the Modern Building and Infrastructure Sector, (DFI and PFSF)

Deep-Sea Quay Wall for Offshore Wind Energy Terminal on Maasvlakte 2 Rotterdam NL
Patrick van der Schaaf and Bsc Eng.

During 2016, foundation piling works were completed to allow for the construction of a production and storage/handling terminal in Rotterdam. It is there that steel foundations will be produced for offshore wind farms and the oil and gas industry. Several Dutch contracting companies were involved in constructing: foundations for an assembly hall, a barge quay and a deep-sea quay wall. For the hall foundations, cast in situ concrete vibro piles were created. Open ended steel casing piles were also installed due to very high cone resistances which made it impossible to perform cast in situ piles in certain areas. The quay wall was constructed with open ended steel casing piles in combination with sheet piles. A deep-sea quay wall was also constructed to provide enough storage area for the offshore mono piles. This project was unique and challenging due to the use of different foundation technologies in challenging circumstances and soil conditions. This paper will give an insight into the Dutch use of varying foundation piling techniques for deep-sea quay wall constructions. It can be concluded that even experienced local contractors can be surprised by variations in soil conditions. It will also show how the contractors adapted to the difficult circumstances.

 article #2609; publication #1032 (IC-2017)