Publication Abstract

DFI-PFSF Piled Foundations & Ground Improvement Technology for the Modern Building and Infrastructure Sector, (DFI and PFSF)

Newest Developments in Quality Control and Soil Mixing for Actual and Future Demands
Franz-Werner Gerressen

New developments are required day by day. On the one hand site to improve the actual situation, on the other hand site to create the future and to ensure that future demands can be fulfilled. This requires for instance the development of technical support systems, which enable a more constant and quality ensured installation of special foundation products like piles. As part of the quality control, real time installation control of the production process, data transfer and reporting systems become more and more important ensuring the five dimensions of a jobsite. That means not only the three well known dimensions (width, height, depth) are cover, but also the dimension of time and money. Beside small, but important, details, also the demand of extending the use of methodologies in terms of getting deeper or allow their use in various soil conditions require the development of new tools and equipment. Therefore, the paper will describe some of these new approaches and activities required for these new developments. It will describe also the main equipment which will be needed to execute these works under the various conditions.

 article #2614; publication #1032 (IC-2017)