Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 12th Annual Members' Conference, 1987, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada "Advances, Innovation & Ingenuity In Deep Foundation Construction", (DFI)

Cofferdam Failures
Richard J. Hartman, James S. Barron

This presentation identifies some of the more common problems associated with cofferdam construction. After the various problems are identified, they are briefly explained and possible solutions and preventive measures are noted. This discussion is limited to cofferdams which are braced structures excavated inside to allow access for construction. The common procedure is to drive sheet piling and then alternatively install bracing and excavate. They can be located either on land or in water. Loads are applied by soil, water, surcharge pressure, eccentricities, and impact loads. The loads are resisted by the sheet piling, the bracing, and the soil below the bottom of the excavation; each of these three components must be capable of resisting the applied loads.

 article #264; publication #27 (AM-1987)