Publication Abstract

SuperPile 2017 Online Proceedings, (DFI)

Installing Large Diameter Drilled Shafts on a Postage Stamp
Raymond Fassett

A deep foundation system was completed in the San Francisco area using drilled shafts with diameters of 10 feet. The shafts were drilled in high plasticity Bay muds to depths of 70 feet to 80 feet using 10.5-ft diameter casing, and sockets were drilled below the casing to depths of up to 210 feet below grade. The project included a number of complications, including the need for a cofferdam, tight access, coupling of rebar cages over the shafts during night shifts, large-scale concrete placement using modified mix design, and a limited laydown area. Testing included gamma-gamma logging, and all work was completed to Caltrans specifications.

 article #2690; publication #1031 (SP-2017)