Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 12th Annual Members' Conference, 1987, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada "Advances, Innovation & Ingenuity In Deep Foundation Construction", (DFI)

Tubex-Grout-Injected-Piles for The Parenco Paper Mill in Renkum, The Netherlands
Sikko Doornbos; Fundex Piling

Site Investigation: Soil Conditions Special Requirements, Auger Piles: Vibration Free Pile System, Limitation, Settlement, Maximum Stress, Bearing Stratum, Lateral Support, & Execution Time Pile System: Vibration Free, & Soil Displacing Method, Tubex Grout Injection: Description & Advantages Foundation Design: Comparison, Design Principles, & Calculations Execution of Piling Measurements & Testing: Exalarations, Lateral Dynamic Forces, Dynamic Response & Pile Settlement

 article #273; publication #27 (AM-1987)