Publication Abstract

Proceedings of DFI-India 2017: 7th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India, (DFI)

Critical Evaluation of Indian Standard for the Design of Laterally Loaded Piles
Sanket Rawat, Postgraduate student, Vikash Prasad, Former graduate student and Ravi Kant Mittal, Associate Professor

The understanding of the response of pile foundations under various types of loads is a necessary prerequisite to analyze and design them properly. Therefore, this paper highlights and compares the provisions available in Indian Standard IS 2911:2010 to estimate the capacity of laterally loaded pile foundation with the provisions available in different country codes and existing literature. Comparisons are made between the Indian standard method, Broms method and Matlock & Reese method for the analysis of laterally loaded piles due to popularity and prevalence of the later methods in design offices worldwide. This has been achieved using a parametric study on pile embedded in pre-consolidated clay and sand for both fixed head and free head case in terms of displacement and ultimate load capacity. It has been found that there are various limitations to the Indian Standard method associated with various cases such as short pile analysis, complete moment distribution etc. Therefore, suitable recommendations have been made on the basis of the above comparison to improve the accuracy of the design in Indian perspective. The proposed comparison and subsequent area of improvements will present the design engineers all across the globe, a broad sight of design specifications of laterally loaded piles.

 article #2737; publication #1035 (India2017)