Publication Abstract

Proceedings of DFI-India 2017: 7th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India, (DFI)

Design Mix Specifications of Plastic Concrete for Dam Cut off Diaphragm Walls
Dr. B. Sivarama Sarma, Head R&D and Biswabikash Rout, Manager R&D

Seepage control has to be achieved with plastic concrete cut-off diaphragm walls in dam structures. Materials selected for construction of cut-off walls must be durable, impermeable and have stiffness comparable to the surrounding soil. Plastic concrete provides a feasible and economical solution for construction of durable and impermeable cut off walls for dam structures. Plastic concrete wall should not be understood as a concrete wall with similar mechanical properties of concrete used in buildings, piles and spillways sections. Though it consists of the same materials as those of conventional concrete it has the major differences in end product due to predominant addition of bentonite slurry in the mix with very high water cement ratio. This makes the hardened concrete with very low compressive strength less than 5MPa and high failure deformations after the peak load. This technical paper examines a case study, the typical specifications on demand for construction and the issues corresponding to misunderstanding of the material as a structural grade concrete material. Conclusions were drawn based on a few project site quality data and trial mix experimental data. The anomalies in specifications on demand for construction of curtain wall in a dam structure were removed with modifications.

 article #2741; publication #1035 (India2017)