Publication Abstract

Proceedings of DFI-India 2017: 7th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India, (DFI)

Treatment of Soft Clays by Combined Encased Stone Columns and Vacuum Consolidation
Ganesh Kumar S., Scientist

Soil reinforcement using stone columns is one of the well-developed ground improvement techniques for soft clay deposits. The load carrying capacity can be further improved by encasing it with geosynthetic material around the column which offers effective lateral confinement, prevents column contamination with improved drainage and strength characteristics. Improvement of undrained shear strength using vacuum consolidation is a type of hydraulic modification technique in which negative pore pressure will be developed which increases the effective stresses in soil without changing the total stress. The improvement in effective stress resulted in improved undrained shear strength of surrounding soil. In this research work, combined geosynthetic encased stone column and vacuum treatment method is examined for improving of extremely soft clay soils. The improvement in the time rate of consolidation and load carrying capacity of stone columns after vacuum treatment was studied using experimental investigations. It was observed that both load carrying capacity and stiffness of the encased stone column increased significantly with vacuum application. Also, application of vacuum accelerates rate of primary consolidation settlements. With this reduction in time, the construction activity can be accelerated which makes the project economically beneficial.

 article #2746; publication #1035 (India2017)