Publication Abstract

Proceedings of DFI-India 2017: 7th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India, (DFI)

Soil Grouting to Arrest Foundation Settlement
Manos De, Shuvranshu Rout and Anuj K. Singh

Foundation for tracks of coke transfer car and dust extraction pipe was designed as series of isolated foundations spaced at 11.0m along length of coke oven battery resting on soil at depth of 2.5m. In one region the foundations are close to adjacent 12m deep underground junction house. Five foundations in this zone were constructed on backfilled soil without proper compaction instead of engineering soil fill or concrete fill. The foundations settled under loads and the supported frame structure tilted after equipment erection and during trials endangering the safety of the structure and equipment operation. The distorted structure had to be rectified in-situ by arresting settlement. In order to stabilize the foundation and supported structure the supporting soil had to be strengthened in situ without any dismantling, reconstruction and adverse effect to equipment operation. This paper presents the case study on the evaluation of defects for the foundation failure and analysis of the problem, proposed rectification of the situation by appropriate soil stabilization scheme, monitoring of the stabilization operations and verification of effectiveness of the rectification work by measurement of settlements. The implemented solution has ensured safety of the structure and equipment without any adverse impact on normal operation.

 article #2755; publication #1035 (India2017)