Publication Abstract

Proceedings - DFI Specialty Seminar, "Augered Cast-In-Place Piles Seminar- 1997, Orlando, FL", (DFI)

Quality Control System for Augered CIP Piles
George Goble, PhD

The use of augercast piles has been limited by the engineer’s concern for the structural quality of the installed pile. The nature of the pile such that its final structural continuity is very dependent on the skill of the personnel that do the installation. Thus, NDT methods have been used to verify integrity and when problems are indicated the available solutions are usually quite costly. If information were available during the pile installation so that immediate steps could be taken to correct perceived problems, the concerns of the engineer could be addressed and the system would gain increased reliability. Pile Dynamics Inc. has developed a quality control system, the Pile Installation Recorder for Augered Cast-in-Place piles (PIR CFA).

 article #283; publication #29 (ACIP-1997)