Publication Abstract

Proceedings - CalTrans Pile Load Test Results at a Deep Bay Mud Site Using Various Pile Types (1993), (DFI)

Dynamic Pile Testing - The Caltrans Results
George Goble, Jay Berger

Dynamic pile testing is now over 20 years old as a routinely applied tool for evaluating driven pile installation. The first test on a cast-in-place pile was performed more than 15 years ago. The research that produced the method began almost 30 years ago. But, questions still arise regarding the appropriate use of this technique so some review is useful. Today a number of methods including dynamic testing all depending in some way on the application of dynamics are in routine use. First, Wave Equation analysis can be used to predict pile driveability before going to the field. The same approach can be used during driving to estimate the bearing capacity based on the blow count observed in the field. Dynamic measurements, on the other hand, can only be used after pile driving has begun. They offer predictions of pile capacity as well as measurements of hammer, driving system and pile driving performance characteristics. The first part of this paper will be devoted to discussing how the foundation engineer can use these tools.

 article #311; publication #32 (CAL-1993)