Publication Abstract

Proceedings - CalTrans Pile Load Test Results at a Deep Bay Mud Site Using Various Pile Types (1993), (DFI)

Statnamic Loading Tests on Different Pile Types
Patrick Bermingham

This report presents the results of six Statnamic loading tests that were carried out on four different pile types at the Caltrans 280 Test Site (Bridge No. 34-46) in conjunction with the Tension Pile Test Program. The Statnamic testing was performed by Berminghammer Corporation at the request of the California Department of Transportation, Office of Geotechnical Engineering. Others performed the static tension (uplift) and compression loading tests which were carried out on the piles tested using the Statnamic method. A summary of the Statnamic test results is presented and discussed, and the appropriate results are compared with the static test results.

 article #312; publication #32 (CAL-1993)