Publication Abstract

Proceedings - CalTrans Pile Load Test Results at a Deep Bay Mud Site Using Various Pile Types (1993), (DFI)

Implementation of Alternative Deep Foundations Systems
Ray Zelinski PE

Caltrans sponsored a research project in 1992 which incorporated proprietary and generic pile types. The piles were subjected to axial tensile/compressive loads in deep, soft soils. Descriptions of various pile types and systems, scenarios leading to the proposal to test the systems, and load test results were/will be provided by other presenters at this seminar. Therefore, this paper will focus on the issues surrounding use of test results and proprietary pile systems on Caltrans construction projects. The primary issues facing Caltrans during implementation are as follows: 1) producing pile cap designs for a range of pile types and loads; 2) providing construction specifications which allow fair competition among the system vendors, yet assure design and ultimate capacities; 3) Develop quality control standards for pile system materials and installation techniques which guarantee pile durability for static and dynamic loads; and 4) assure that foundations have adequate lateral capacity.

 article #314; publication #32 (CAL-1993)