Publication Abstract

Proceedings of DFI-India 2018: 8th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India, (DFI)

Instability Analysis of Mono Pile in Flexural and Buckling Modes Due to Liquefaction Induced Lateral Spreading
P. Ravi Prakash, Graduate Student and Amit Prashant, Professor

A simplified framework has been developed for quantification of critical axial load on mono pile subjected to liquefaction-induced instability. Several case studies are reported in the literature, where severe damage has been observed in pile foundations due to liquefaction even though designed with a good factor of safety. Consideration of incorrect failure mechanism in the design of pile foundation is the probable reason for these failures. Previous studies idealize pile as a column and a buckling mode of failure is considered as the failure mechanism. Scenarios like the liquefaction-induced lateral spreading of soil results in large lateral loads on the pile and in turn it may result into a different failure mode. This limitation is alleviated in the present study by a beamcolumn idealization of the pile and its failure analysis is performed against combined buckling and flexural instabilities. A case study is presented to demonstrate the critical axial load on a given pile-soil system subjected to liquefaction-induced lateral spreading. Parameters like critical lateral spreading and critical failure axial load are studied intricately. Furthermore, the effect of lateral spreading on the critical axial load on the pile, in turn on the mode of failure is quantified. It was evident from the results that increase in lateral spreading will increase the susceptibility towards flexural failure.

 article #3148; publication #1050 (India2018)