Publication Abstract

Proceedings - CalTrans Pile Load Test Results at a Deep Bay Mud Site Using Various Pile Types (1993), (DFI)

Recommended Steps and Procedures for Planning and Performing a Geotechnical Investigation for a Seismic Retrofit
Mark DeSalvatore PE

The Office of Structure Design at Caltrans is carrying out an extensive seismic retrofit program involving transportation structures throughout California. The goal of the retrofit program has been to upgrade existing transportation structures to meet the present seismic codes and anticipated loads that are generated during a seismic event. Listed are the steps taken by personnel of the Office of Engineering Geology when carrying out a study for a foundation seismic retrofit. It is to be noted that the following is not an established Caltrans policy or procedure, but are recommended steps and procedures to be followed.

 article #320; publication #32 (CAL-1993)