Publication Abstract

Proceedings - CalTrans Pile Load Test Results at a Deep Bay Mud Site Using Various Pile Types (1993), (DFI)

Geotechnical Investigation for Fashion Island Boulevard Bridge Earthquake Repair
Lawrence P. Goldfarb

This paper presents the results of the geotechnical investigation for the repair of the Fashion Island Boulevard Bridge, Bridge No. 35C-160, in San Mateo, California. The concrete, precast girder bridge suffered considerable damage during the Loma Prieta earthquake. The existing 36-inch, precast, prestressed concrete piles cracked and spalled at their tops. Based on analyses performed by Biggs Cardosa Associates, structural engineers, the piles did not have sufficient strength and ductility to resist the dead plus seismic loads specified in the Caltrans "Bridge Design Specifications". Additional support for the bridge was needed and the repair strategy consisted of installing large diameter pipe piles at the existing bent and abutment locations. This paper describes the geotechnical engineering analysis and design decisions for the large diameter pile design.

 article #321; publication #32 (CAL-1993)