Publication Abstract

Proceedings of DFI-India 2019: 9th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India, (DFI)

A Barrier Wall for the New Dam at the Godavari River Installation with Monsoon Break
Peter E. Banzhaf

Bauer Specialized Foundation Contractor India, in a joint venture with L&T Geo, executed the cut-off wall for the Polavaram Irrigation project in Andhra Pradesh, India. The project is envisaging irrigation in the region and offers the generation of hydroelectric power, water supply for industries and drinking water supply to villages and towns near the project. The paper describes the planning and installation of a 1,450 m long plastic concrete cut-off wall for the ECRF Dam with depths up to 94 m. This wall construction passed through the Godavari River, which in the months of July to September - the monsoon season - is flooded by all the water coming from up-stream, and the water level rises by up to 12 m. Accordingly, the Project was planned to be completed in two seasons, with a stop during the monsoon season. The paper as well describes the planning and preparation for the monsoon break, successfully protecting the partly installed concrete cut-off wall as the monsoon flood was passing over the wall.

 article #3282; publication #1059 (India2019)