Publication Abstract

Proceedings of DFI-India 2019: 9th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India, (DFI)

Alternative Solutions to Replace Diaphragm Walls of Shallow Depths
Franz-Werner Gerressen and Thomas Vohs

Diaphragm walls are well-known in the special foundation industry and suitable for different applications especially of large depths. However, for walls of shallow depth the diaphragm walls method might not always be the most practical regarding the economical solution. This paper presents alternative methods of diaphragm walls for shallow depths which are commonly used in India. In comparison to the diaphragm wall method, alternatives like secant pile walls or soil mixing walls show time saving and cost effective advantages. This paper focuses on soil mixing methods, which tools with respect to machines are mainly designed for an effective installation of retaining and cut-off walls. The paper discusses the advantages of these soil mixing methods and explains the conditions they can be used the most effectively. In detail "Soil Mix Wall" (SMW) and "Cutter Soil Mixing" (CSM) are explained and reference jobsites are presented. The product of both methods are soil mix elements with an oval or rectangular shape which are particularly suitable for the effective installation of walls. Additional advantages of these methods are e.g. the reduced spoil volume due to the usage of the local existing soil as a construction material and the independence from on-time delivery of fresh concrete and therefore the potential cost savings.

 article #3283; publication #1059 (India2019)