Publication Abstract

Proceedings of DFI-India 2019: 9th Conference on Deep Foundation Technologies for Infrastructure Development in India, (DFI)

Design of Deep Vertical Circular Diaphragm Wall Using Finite Element Analysis
Sharath C. Kudumula and Suresh Kumar Gupta P.

Diaphragm walls are often used as earth retention support system for enabling excavations especially when the water table is at shallow depth. Circular diaphragm walls can be used for deep shafts because of their ability to generate hoop forces and thereby eliminating the necessity of struts or anchors. Earth pressure acting on circular retention system is expected to be less when compared with plane strain retention systems because of three-dimensional soil arching effect. This paper presents analysis and design of deep vertical circular diaphragm wall shaft. A two-dimensional axisymmetric finite element analysis is carried out for both serviceability (SLS) and ultimate limit state (ULS) as per Eurocode-7 design approach. The performance of circular diaphragm wall shaft was investigated by simulating various construction stages of excavation and dewatering. The earth pressures obtained from circular axisymmetric finite element analysis are compared with available analytical solutions and are found be in reasonable agreement.

 article #3285; publication #1059 (India2019)