Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Seventh International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1998, Vienna, Austria, (DFI)

Static and dynamic pile loading tests on different types of driven piles in Limelette (B)
Noel Huybrechts, Christian Legrand

The design of axially loaded piles in Belgium is generally based on the results of CPT (Cone Penetration Tests). From CPT results the pile base resistance and the pile shaft friction can be calculated by means of semi-empirical methods. However, in order to take the installation effects into account, adjustments must be made by use of the so-called installation coefficients. In spite of the fact that in Belgium more than 100 piles have been scientifically tested during the last 30 years in order to develop and improve design methods for axially loaded piles, there still exists uncertainties and gaps for certain types of piles, for certain types of soils, and for certain testing methods like dynamic load tests. It is for this reason that on the test site of the Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI) different driven piles have been installed in order to compare driving techniques, performance and induced vibrations in the environment. The results of the static pile loading tests (by means of a guided ram) on two driven piles will be analyzed here. Installation coefficients will be determined, and dynamic and static tests will be compared.

 article #346; publication #34 (IC-1998)