Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Seventh International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1998, Vienna, Austria, (DFI)

Dynamic compaction to improve geotechnical properties of MSW in landfilling
W.F. VanImpe

The design and operation of sanitary landfills involve a variety of geotechnical problems, for which reliable knowledge of the geotechnical properties of mainly domestic solid waste (unit weight, compressibility, etc.) is required in order to perform even basic analysis. A careful estimation of the corresponding stresses and strains serves as a basis for a safe landfill construction so as to assure the stability of the waste body and the lining elements in their function of sealing and drainage system. Stability considerations do not only arise with the construction or design of new landfills. It is also necessary to guarantee the stability of landfills in operation or abandoned landfills and there is an increasing need for rehabilitation of old landfills, for example replacing of drainage pipes in the waste body by use of open cut bracings. The dynamic compaction principles applied in the foundation contractor’s world, plays an important role in the overall stability problem.

 article #364; publication #34 (IC-1998)