Publication Abstract

Proceedings - Seventh International Conference & Exhibition on Piling and Deep Foundations, 1998, Vienna, Austria, (DFI)

A way to predict vibrations
Dipl Ing. Wolf-J. Gerasch

In the future it will be important to estimate the vibrations; if sheet piles, steel beams or concrete piles would be introduced and ground compaction done. The work will be carried out more and more in urban areas. Without an estimation it will be a risk to ram or vibrate near buildings. The paper will show a way to calculate all possible vibrations. Because the energy is the more important parameter, it is very important to calculate this parameter as exactly as possible. Working with a vibro-driver the amplitude can be calculated almost exact. It is not the amplitude of the technical specification given by the producer. The prediction and measurements of the vibrations of two large building-sites will be done. It will be shown that the predictions are almost in agreement with the results of the measurements. The following questions were important: what is with the settlements of an existing tunnel and what is with the high sensitive laboratory instruments in an institute?

 article #365; publication #34 (IC-1998)