Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 45th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2020 - ONLINE , (DFI)

Evaluation of a New P-Y Analysis Tool for Lateral Analysis of Drilled Shafts Using Load Tests in Nevada
Fahim M. Bhuiyan, Raj V. Siddharthan, Ramin Motamed David H. Sanders

Large-diameter drilled shafts (DS) are a critical part of a seismic-resistant system, and therefore it is important to be able to accurately model lateral resistance. To undertake the lateral load analysis of large-diameter DS, a finite-difference p-y analysis program, NVShaft, is being developed at the University of Nevada Reno. Validation of the new program involved numerous p-y analyses using commercially available programs. Subsequent comparisons suggested the program's ability to yield reasonable predictions for typical diameter DS. Based on the I-15/US 95 load test program carried out in Las Vegas, NV, this study presents the evaluation of NVShaft in Nevada's subsurface condition. Lateral load analyses of a 2 ft and an 8 ft diameter DS were attempted using NVShaft. The location of the applied lateral loads and the presence of cemented soil-layers were incorporated in the modeling. A good agreement between NVShaft prediction and the measured response was found for the 2 ft diameter DS. For the 8 ft diameter DS, a stiffer response was predicted. The inspections of the moment-curvature characteristics at different load levels suggested cracked response of the concrete due to prior axial load testing may be one of the reasons behind the deviation.

 article #3683; publication #1073 (AM-2020)