Publication Abstract

Proceedings of the 45th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations, 2020 - ONLINE , (DFI)

Determining Length of Pile Foundations by Analyzing Response to Lateral Hammer Impact
Vivek Samu, Murthy Guddati

A new method called Effective Dispersion Analysis of Reflections (EDAR) was recently developed to effectively analyze the dispersive waves generated from lateral impact to piles. This paper presents the results of nondestructive length estimation of existing piles through EDAR. EDAR provides a new visualization method for analyzing wave reflections by transforming the response into the frequency domain thus eliminating the need to perform difficult peak picking in the time domain. In addition to being able to analyze dispersive waves, EDAR also incorporates the effects of radiation damping due to the surrounding soil leading to more accurate length estimates. Concrete filled steel tubes of different embedment depths were tested both in laboratory and field conditions. Length estimates obtained were within 10% error margins after careful analysis accounting for the presence of soil effects and effects from pile top reflection.

 article #3719; publication #1073 (AM-2020)